Where Would You Go for Your First Date?

It can feel like you’re in a battleground when it comes to dating. A perilous route paved with etiquette traps, difficult decisions, and much like warfare, it’s difficult to declare a clear winner. The first date comes with a great deal of nervousness. There are countless articles describing how to insult your date, from ordering the incorrect dishes to allowing your nervous tendencies to produce a bad first impression.

There’s a reason why so many people in today’s dating scene skip supper in favor of a quick bite or drink. It can be difficult to prepare for a full meal on a first date. There will undoubtedly be some significant lulls, uneasy laughter, and menu tinkering. You’re eating real cuisine for the first time with someone who is essentially a stranger. That isn’t a trivial matter. The absolute worst thing you can do is agree to go on a date to a restaurant where you don’t care for the food.

Pizza, it’s the ideal date night food because it’s casual, laidback, and everyone’s favorite. Don’t believe the skeptics: pizza is the perfect first date. You can’t go wrong with this wine: it’s delicious, mellow, and reasonably priced. Best pizza Armstrong Creek is a perfect place to have your first date.


It’s an age-old question whether or not to eat pizza with utensils. Pizza is best eaten with your hands for the most part. It’s laid-back, uncomplicated, and doesn’t raise any red flags. If you’re eating at an expensive restaurant, use a knife and fork to cut your pizza. It’s far preferable to be spotted eating pizza with a fork than to have to work the bright red sauce into your wardrobe – it’s not exactly subtle.


When navigating the perilous waters of pizza variations and toppings, there are a few things to keep in mind. As previously stated, there is a great deal to ponder when it comes to dating mythology’s norms and rituals. You’re enjoying your favorite dish in a relaxed, comfortable setting with a pizza date. However, be wary of friendly feuds, such as cheese vs. pepperoni vs. the less conventional BBQ chicken with country special.


If you’re apprehensive, it’s tempting to grease the wheels by downing a few beers before your date walks through the door. Fortunately, pizza, in all its breaded, topping-laden deliciousness, is fantastic at soaking up a little too much drinking, so if you’re moving a little too fast, you might be able to make amends. Follow your date’s lead. When it comes to drinking, it might be awkward if you aren’t on the same page. Keep an eye out for red flag behavior from both you and your date and drink some water if you’re in doubt.

If putting some delicious pizza into your belly doesn’t help you get over your first date nervousness, try to be calm and don’t overreact it. When your pizzas arrive, sit back, relax, and enjoy the company.

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