Top Trending Subcultures among Teenagers and Young Adults

Teenagers are in the stage of their lives where they are looking for their identity to build themselves upon and this is a healthy process where everyone will go through and in some cases that these psychological processes are not fulfilled this part is extended to when one becomes a young adult.

Today more than ever teenagers and young adults are finding it more difficult to create an identity thus more and more youngsters are exploring social trends and subcultures that might hold the key for them to find themselves. Here is one of the top subculture trends today.

Hypebeast Trend

This social and fashion trend started in the early 2000s where youngsters end up wearing neon-colored oversized shirts with their led-lit hats, glasses, and fashionable kicks. Teenagers end up loving this trend because of two defining aspects. The first is the social acceptance into a group of like-minded individuals in terms of interest, secondly, with embracing the trend they also embrace the lifestyle of being free to express themselves in a way more fashion sense than any average person could.

Vape Culture

The vape culture started out small in different urban areas across major cities. It started out with a small group of people with the same interest in vaping. Then when it exploded in terms of marketing and sales to another area it became a trend, the main trend not just with the people who wanted to quit smoking but also to people who just wanted to have a social group and are also interested in the same hobby. Vape store almost popped up everywhere where there is a prospect market; most of the people who embrace such culture are young professional adults who can sustain the financial aspect of the vaping hobby.


Skaters have always been around. Even at the time where it has not media coverage and they at some point in time were considered outcasts and delinquents because all they want to do all day is to look for skating spots and just skate their whole day away.

But now that it has gained a lot of coverage especially with the help and aid of social media and content aggregators online, skating has become one of the most embraced trends creating a subculture of their own at the start of the early 2000s even until today. According to researches, people are drawn to the trend because it offers a clean hobby without much maintenance yet offers social integration and belongingness as well.

Motorcyclist Riders

With motorcycles become cheaper and cheaper and affordable young people have created one of the most mainstream subcultures of today’s generation and that is the riding communities. People from all walks of life have now created motorcycle riding groups with motorcycles are their common ground of interest, they partake in civic parades and humanitarian projects around their own areas.

One of the things that draw young adults into joining these groups is that, aside from the common interest, they also gain more time traveling around and it also offers a healthy way of life by creating positive goals in terms of investment in their motorcycles.

These subcultures and trends may be a short-lived trend or it may become a long term one, the important thing is that it offers people an alternative in exploring hobbies that could help them discover or develop their identity as an individual.

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