Rookie Mistakes to Avoid in Purchasing Aquatic Products

Owning a fish tank of your own is a hobby that cleanses your soul. However, it’s essential that you take good care of the tank already. Thanks to the high demand, there are enough sellers and brands in the country.

In this read, we’re going to talk about some of the rookie mistakes to avoid in purchasing aquatic products.

Forgetting to Ask About Their Policy on Returns, Damaged Deliveries, and Incorrect Products

Not all sellers can be held accountable for delivering damaged goods and incorrect products. On an occasion like this, it’s better to deal with a company with a clear and fair policy on returns.

In addition to that, you just might change your mind after you receive the intended product. If you didn’t know whether you could return it, you’re going to be stuck with what you bought.

Are They Brand New or Used?

You need to keep in your mind just how high of a demand there is for aquatic equipment. Although there are rare occasions when used aquatic equipment isn’t so bad, most are harmful. This is due to the consistent exposure to enclosed aquatic spaces. If the initial space was extremely different from your fish tank, the lives of the fish will be at risk.

Disregarding the Types of Fish

The type of environment Americans live in is different from the environment in which Arabs live. In applying the same theory, you should always pick products based on the types of fish that you pet. This is such a crucial factor when purchasing pond filter media because of the role of filtering.

Different types of media disintegrate some bacteria and help grow some others. If these were not in the favor of the fish, what’s the point of having they in the first place?

Not Considering the Tank Size

This is probably the absolutely sabotaging mistake that takes away the faith you’d have in aquatic products. Because when you’re using an air stone designed for a small tank in a larger tank, you’re going to end up questioning the credibility of the brand – the faulty party is no one other than you.

Thus, be sure to have a rough idea about the dimensions and the volume of the tank when you’re doing the shopping.

Ignoring the Finer Product Details

This one goes without saying – no matter what the bigger wordings say, always look into the fingerprint because that’s where the complications and exceptions are mentioned at.

Not Inquiring Direct Questions from the Seller

We’re not experts in aquatic matters. Even if we knew a thing or two, aquatic equipment sellers definitely know better than we do. That’s why you should check if there’s any chance you can reach out to the seller and ask questions.


It’s always going to take some time until you’re perfectly settled in understanding the frequency and the types of needs of your fish. Once you do that, it won’t be all too hard to do the ordering on time and much faster. But until you get to that point, it’s essential that you learn what you need to know.

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