Guide to Selecting a Coffee Cup

Selecting the right coffee cup is an art and you need to consider the different materials available and which suits your requirements better. There are other factors you need to look at such as whether you can reuse the cup and how long you can use it without having issues.

Glass coffee mugs are a popular choice among many and you can enjoy the flavour of coffee without the material affecting it. Glass is very easy to wash so there will not be any residue from your last drink. Many glass cups can be reheated but you need to check the instructions to see whether it is recommended. There are travel mugs for coffee made of glass as well which provide a much more eco-friendly option than plastic cups that most coffee shops use. You can simply hand in your glass travel mug to the barista so they can fill it for you. However, you need to think about how you are travelling because glass can be quite fragile. People use silicone covers or glass inside cork to increase durability.

Another option you can look at is stainless steel cups. Just like glass, they are easy to clean and you will not get the flavor of your previous drink mixed in with the coffee flavor. They are higher on the scale of durability when it comes to glass but they lack the stylishness and the aesthetic that glass brings to the table. However, you will not be able to microwave this cup. There are ceramic and porcelain coffee cups as well but these can retain the flavors of past drinks affecting the taste of coffee.

However, if you are partial to ceramic mugs, you can keep a mug especially for coffee and not drink any other type of drink from it. There are recyclable cups as well. These are easy to use but they are not durable because they are made for recycling. There are different materials that these cups are made of such as sugarcane, seaweed, coffee grounds, etc. You can even find edible cups. But they can definitely change the original taste of the coffee.

While the average coffee cup is used to keep the drink hot while you drink it, there is a science behind how the material, shape, and size of the cup and affect the flavor of the coffee. There are some studies that show narrow mugs allow more for increased aromatics and wider mugs can give a sweeter flavor compared to short mugs. The shape of the coffee cup can affect the aroma depending on the headspace that is available and the angle you tilt it to drink.

Different cups will retain heat differently so this is another concern. Aroma is a big element when it comes to enjoying coffee. So there should be sufficient headspace for the aroma to aerate. This is the space between the coffee surface and the top of the cup. This is why a narrower cup can increase the aroma that you can sense.

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