Fundamental factors to consider in buying equine shoes [2022 guide]

If not for the shoes, the hooves of the horses aren’tgoing to last that long. But at the same time, there are several types of options in the market which can make the selection a little bit harder. So, what you should do is know how to make a better selection.

In helping you do that, here are some of the fundamental factors that you should consider in buying equine shoes in 2022.

The existing condition of their feet

There are some types of hooves to which the shoes cannot be nailed due to the existing damage. Hence, you should try your best to either repair them or go for a type of shoes such as plastic that doesn’t need the functionality of the hooves as much as metallic ones.

General lifestyle of the horses

Do your horses spend a very leisurely life taking you around in massive outdoor areas or do they race? Because depending on the lifestyle of the horses, the nature of the shoe changes. However, even the most severe conditions can be sustained by making them wear steel horseshoes. In making a choice, be sure to double-check the size guidance charts since not all of them are the same at all shops you come across.

Whether there have been infections before

With the use of nails in the hooves of some horses, and especially when the nails have been mistakes driven into the mid of the hoof, the chances for infections are quite high. Wearing shoes made from equine plastic is one of the best solutions for this. Available at a price close to 40$ to 50$, it’s quite a deal that brings sheer comfort to your horse for good.

The overall budget

How much are you prepared to spend? Is it for one shoe or are you planning to replace the shoes of all the horses in a stable? At the end of the day, budgeting is important when it comes to equine supplies. However, we do not recommend ever settling down for low-quality shoes just because your budget is a little bit tight. The answer to this problem is in the next point.

Will you have to visit the shop?

It’s an inconvenience to visit a shop physically when you can simply order online. On top of that, online prices are much lower in the 2020s especially due to the direct effect of the pandemic. Thus, if the budget was an issue, you can simply buy the equine shoes online so that you can settle down for the best possible price in the market while preserving the best quality of your purchases.

The takeaway

Buying shoes for your horse is not going to be the hardest task as long as you knew the selection criteria. Now that you know all the factors that a horse owner ought to know, the selection will be bespoke, and your horse/s will be quite glad that their master cared enough to make a suitable selection.

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