Factors to consider before coloring your hair

Coloring your hair is a power move; a move that shows you’re working on upgrading yourself. Hence, your prime objective should be to color your hair in a shining quality.

In doing that, there are several factors to consider. In this read, we’re going to educate you on the most important ones, in detail.

The purpose of the dyeing

Looking better is a too generalized purpose to hair your color because what truly matters is the reason why you’re motivated to color your hair. For example, maybe your previous coloring didn’t work out well, maybe you want the grey hair is gone but not in an obvious way, and this list could go on.

An experienced stylist understands the subtle differences of each approach, and that’s exactly why coloring on your own is not worth it at all.

Your natural/ existing and expected hair color

One of the biggest mistakes that women do in coloring their hair is not following the rules of hair color palettes. This basically means a process where the color of existing hair is changed by external means. This transition of color cannot be implemented without understanding the hair color palettes. For example, transitioning from brown to platinum blonde can be made much better when color palettes theories are applied.

In fact, this is the most common reason why most brands are bashed with accusations of poor performance when it’s actually a problem of the hair. Hence, it’s much better if you consulted a reliable hair colorist to get your job done.

Whether you’ve had allergies to some brands

If you have ever colored hair on your own, there’s no doubt that there were at least minute side effects. The worst thing here is that most of the low and medium-level brands share some core ingredients, and even if you changed the brand this time, there’s a good chance for a repeated allergy.

As a rule of thumb, the choice of hair brand should be the best that you can afford. But the in order for the effectiveness to be to the best extent, it’s crucial that the application is done in a standardized way.

The choice of the salon

Internet is filled with several DIY tutorials that encourage women to color hair on their own. But while the content creators are making money from the views, you’d see that there was a long disclaimer in the fine print; they just don’t take responsibility.

Hair is one of the body parts that can be seen by anyone, and just as much as better appearances could make you feel better, it could make you feel worse if the coloring went wrong. Thus, choosing a reliable hair salon must always be a top priority.

Whether it’s permanent or not

While there are some coloring techniques that make the color last for a few months, there are some techniques and brands that can prolong the retention of the coloring by a few years or more. If you’re still unable to make a choice between the two, consulting a reliable hair colorist is what you should do.

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