Basic Supplies You Need When Getting Your First Horse

Getting your first horse is an exciting event but you need to be fully prepared to take care of it. Horses are hard work and there is a lot of maintenance that you need to take care of. It is best to find a store that you like that offers online shopping so that it is easier to stock up on items. This way you can simply order online and get it delivered to your doorstep when needed.

Some of the essential horse accessories and supplies are grooming kits, tack, first aid kit, riding helmet, feed, and supplies for winter and summer, water buckets, feed storage, etc. It is best to top up on supplies whenever you are going low so you need to keep an inventory of what you have. One of the first things you need to buy is a halter and a lead rope. These will help you tie the horse, catch them in the field, and lead them. You can look at cost-effective options for these if you are on a budget.

Grooming kits and grooming tools are also essential. A basic grooming kit will have curry combs, stiff brushes, medium and soft brushes, sweat scrapers, comps for mane and tail, and hoof picks. You need to groom your horse daily and inspect them for any cuts, scrapes, or sore muscles that will affect their performance. This will also help you bond with the horse.

Horses can regularly get scrapes and minor injuries so you need to have a first aid kit at hand. This kit will have vet wrap, gauze, bandages, tweezers, antiseptic creams, and saline solution. If you are new to owning a horse, you need to read up on common injuries that your horse will have. It is best to contact the local veterinarian before you get a horse and ask them about what you should look out for.

They can also educate you on different diets and nutrition for your horse as well. In addition to what you find in your first aid kit, you can look for ointments and natural products that can improve your horse’s health. There are also shampoo and conditioner products that you can use in the grooming routine.

Tack will help you get on the new horse and will include the bridle, girth, saddle, and saddle pad. You need to consider what is best for you and the horse you are getting. There are western and English saddles that come with their own pros and cons. Your horse may also need some extra cushion on the back for comfort. A riding helmet is something that everyone should have to ensure safety when there is an accident or a fall. If you are in a region that experiences winter, you can look into getting a heated water bucket, insulated apparel, horse blankets, and coolers.

In the summer, you can get your horse a fly mask to keep flies off their eyes and nose. There are also flysheets that are breathable blankets that you can drape over your horse to protect them from flies.

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