Unique Friendship Gifts for Your Closest Friend

Trying to buy or create gifts for friends is always a challenge butbuying gifts for best friends is even harder. You want it to be special and different, to thank them for being there for you and supporting you. You want to express how much they mean to you but sometimes we don’t have the words to express how we feel. This when gifts come in handy. Here are some unique gifts perfect for your best friend.

DIY gifts

If you are good with your words but too shy to tell your friend how much they mean to you, then you can try this idea.“Open when you feel sad” is an example of a card you can create. You can put together a bunch of cards like these for different days and emotions, for when they are sad, happy, excited, nervous.

This way no matter where the two of you go, long distance friendship or otherwise, a part of you will always be with them when they need you. You can also add fun ones, “Open on Christmas”, “Open on your birthday” to make your friend smile.

An idea that’s been floating around the internet in the past has been the 365 jar – a little folded note for each day of the year. They can be motivating quotes, reasons why they’re a good friend, memories and special moments, and others and a jar filled with them handwritten by you. This idea will surely touch their hearts.

Unique gifts

Or maybe you want something funny and witty to cheer up your friend. Many people gift coasters that can be customized into whatever you want whether it’s funny memes, inside jokes between the both of you, music lyrics, movie quotes or even pictures. These will surely bring a smile to their face as they use them in their homes.

Other gifts can include skincare sets, hair treatment sets such as Ikoo hair treatment, facial masks,body lotion, or a booked spa day. You can help your friend relax and ease their mind a little. These types of gifts show you care and value spending time together.

If your friend is a coffee lover, a coffee maker would probably send them over the moon. Pour-over coffee makers are simple, quick to use, and easy to carry around anywhere from their house or on a trip.

Gifts such as custom handwritten bracelets or a necklace pendent might be expensive but extra special for your friend as it is in your own handwriting. Jewellery can make for brilliant and very pretty gifts as they are suitable and wearable for any situation, easy to carry around and customizable as well. If your friend wears earrings, earring sets also make for great gifts.

Whether it be for a birthday, good luck, well-done, congratulations gift or any kind of celebration you want to cherish and celebrate with your best friend, these gifts (and not limited to these) will surely make it special and memorable.

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