How Carpets Impact the Air Quality in Your Home?

Carpets, been around for ages and they always seem to add a rather eloquent touch to our floors, turning house to home. But they not only make our homes look homey and elegant, but they also add quality to indoor air. How do you say? They trap particles, debris and dirt, germs, on the carpet surface and keep them from entering your body.

Especially these days, where people are spending almost all their time indoors because of the global pandemic, improved quality of indoor air is a growing necessity. Geelong Cavalier Bremworth collection stores carpets help create a better and improved air quality and indoor environment for homes, offices, and any other indoor places.

It is a long-term belief that carpets could induce an increased risk of allergens within enclosed spaces but a recent study that was conducted has revealed that there is no empirical evidence to support this theory, which means it may not even be true! Meanwhile, a number of researches exist that state the concept of carpets supporting air quality improvement.

However, there’s always something you as a homeowner or consumer should do too.

  1. Really Get in There

A regular deep clean is necessary to remove all the soil and dirt particles that have been embedded in the carpet. Authorities say it is recommended to have one at least every 12-18 months. This will not only give you that ultra-fresh just-got-it look but also make sure it is stripped right down to its elements, and as clean as a newly bought carpet would be.

  • Consistency Is Key – Even for Carpets

Regular maintenance is something every aspect of our lives require – yes, even the carpeting you may have on your floors. Cleaning them on a regular basis, whether it is weekly, bi-monthly or once a month, consistently cleaning your carpets is one of the best ways to make sure you retain good quality of air in your homes or any other indoor spaces.

  • Vacuum that Bad Boy to Space and Back

Vacuuming consistently paves the way to making sure those tiny little specks of dirt that keep floating through the air back and forth are taken out in one go. This includes particles like dry soil too. If you are ready to go that extra mile and make a heavy investment, here’s a wee little tip for you that is guaranteed to make it worth your buck – make sure when shopping the market for a good vacuum cleaner, you go for a CRI seal of approval certified vacuum cleaner to maintain your household and carpets.

Another small piece of consideration for you to be mindful of in your quest to make your indoors healthier given the dire circumstances of the world right now, you could always look for Environmental Certification Scheme, out of which a Level 4 Environmental Certification Scheme would be highly recommended as it contributes prominently to good air quality retention under Green Star office rating tools and is top tier grading; meaning these carpets support the most demanding of environmental conservation-related performance criteria.

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