6 Tips for The Perfect Jean Fit

Jeans have become a statement outfit. Dressed down with a t-shirt or dressed up with a pair of classy shoes, jeans can speak a thousand words regarding your personality and sense of style. Wearing a pair of jeans that you know you look great in not only boosts your outward appearance but also makes you feel good inside.

However, finding the perfect pair of jeans that hugs your waist, thighs and claves is daunting. It is too loose, too long or sometimes too tight. Although getting the best fit off the shelf is rather difficult, here are six tips that you can use to get the jeans you desire even if it involves a little alteration.

Be open to change

Everyone has a preference; something we know we look great in and we tend to stick to it. However, when buying jeans, it helps to keep an open mind. The skinny leg jeans you have been wearing forever can be switched up to a wide leg to add some flare and change in style. Consult a jean specialist when choosing your next pair, as they will have some suggestions you did not know you needed.

Change in sizes

If a pair of jeans feel as if they are slipping down yourwaist as you walk, that is a clear indication to go down a size. You might have to fight your way into the legs but that isn’t unusual. You rather have jeans that stick like a second skin than a pair of jeans that do not grip at the top.

Divide and conquer

You may have a go to denim brand that never disappoints or on contrary the brand you like may never have the fit and cut you desire. Try switching the brand you buy as different brands have varying sizes, styles, colours and fits. There are various brands such as Levis or DR denim jeans to choose from. So, browse until you find your perfect fit.

Do not be afraid to alter

Have you ever found a perfect pair of jeans that hugs every curve but the length is too long? That should not be a reason for you to not buy it. You can always alter the length to fit you. A slightly loose waist can be adjusted with neat stitches on the sides. Nothing is impossible when you know to sew.

Shape to fit your body

The main reason why purchasing jeans is so frustrating is because we are not aware of our body shapes and what fits us best. Curvy girls look best in skinny jeans as it enhances their shape and hugs all the right places. Girls with petite figures look great in mid-rise to high-rise jeans. This not only gives them shape but also adds length to the legs.

Styles are endless

Whether you are looking for a pair of bootleg jeans or just comfy mom jeans there are plenty of options. The key to finding the best pair of jeans is to experiment and who knows you might find what you least expect.

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